Responding to Reading Interests

Once a week I have the pleasure of supporting the EY team during, collaborative time. This is an opportunity for students in JKP, JK and SK to work with their peers. The EY team set up a variety of provocations (that are usually supporting a specific transdisiplinary / approaches to learning skill) for the students to experience. They can choose to engage with whatever interests them.  

After talking to and reviewing the books that EY students were borrowing from the library it was clear that a large number of children had a special interest in space. In response to this I collected a variety of texts about space to share with them. To provoke their thinking I asked them the question, “What transportation would you design to take you to outer space?

Here are some photographs of their varied responses.

The children that chose to participate in this provocation were extremely focused. Space was something that particularly interested them. They utalised and developed a variety of communication (e.g. listening to others, expressing ideas, recording information), social (e.g. listening to others, sharing materials) and thinking (creating and designing, making decisions) skills throughout the experience.


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