Write a Book Review

Twitter is one of the most popular forms of social media. Each tweet can be a maximum of 140 characters. Twitter can be used to share anything. Your challenge is to write a review for a book you have read over the summer that could be shared on Twitter.  The only rule is that it MUST Not be more than 140 characters. Share your review in the comments section below this post.

책 리뷰 쓰기 트위터는 가장 인기있는 소셜미디어 중 하나입니다. 각 트윗은 최대140자까지 가능합니다. 트위터는 어떤 것이든 공유하는데 쓸 수 있습니다.여러분이 도전할 과제는 트위터에서 공유될 만한 여름방학때 읽었던 책의 리뷰를 써보는 것입니다.  단 한가지의 규칙은 140자를 넘지 않는 것입니다. 아래의 코멘트란에 여러분의 리뷰를 공유하세요.

写书评 推特是最有名的社交软件之一。每一篇推特最多只能写140字。推特可以用来分享一切。 你的挑战是为自己在暑假读的一本书写一篇书评并发布在推特上。 唯一地规则是书评的字数必须在140字以下。你可以把自己的评论分享在评论框

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73 thoughts on “Write a Book Review

  1. Dork diaries

    Dork diaries is fun book
    and I want to recommend this book to students
    who likes fun book and like to write diaries.
    I hopp you to enjoy this book.


  2. Pirates Past Noon / Magic Tree House

    Scary boat was coming to Annie and Jack . That was a pirate boat. Pirates caught Jack and Annie. Jack and Annie had to find a “M” person and they found Morgan the M person.


  3. Thank you Mr. Falker

    “Thank you Mr Falker”is about a girl who can’t read. other children bully her because of this. She is lonely but she meets a teacher who helps her.
    This book ia for who has difficulties reading.


  4. I read a book called ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid; The Long Haul’. I liked the book because it was adventurous and funny. I recommend this book to somebody who likes funny and adventurous stories.


  5. I read a book called “Sisters”. I like to recommend this book because when I first saw this book is was really fun. Raina Telgemeier is author of this book and she writes about her own life. Book that is true story is called “Sisters, and Smile ” I hope you enjoy this book!


  6. Baby Mouse, queen of world

    This book is about Baby mouse going to school but, her locker ate Baby mouse’s homework, so Baby mouse couldn’t do her home work. But teacher doesn’t know so Baby mouse gets told off by her teacher everyday.


  7. I read the book ‘The Invisible Man’ from H.G. Wells. In the book, the invisible man killed people and stole money because of his bad behavior. As a result he used his ability to be invisible in bad ways. I thought about ‘What if I were invisible?’ and I thought that I don’t need the ability to be invisible.


  8. Horrible Harry Moves up to Third grade
    / By Suzy Kline

    Harry was exited to go to the third grade because his teacher didn’t chaged and his friends didn’t changed. Harry was so horrible so his friend Mary didn’t like Harry! I will recommend this book to someone likes horrible things. Thank you.


  9. Magic ballerina by Darcey Brussell read by Helen Lacey

    This book is about three girls called Delphie,Rosa and Holly.
    First it starts with Delphie who was a first owner of the magical ballet shoes!
    That ballet shoes takes them to a world called Enchantia.
    In Enchantia,there is all the characters from different ballets!
    I recommend this book who likes to read an adventure stories!!


  10. Junie B., First Grader Toothless Wonder
    By:Denise Brunkins
    Junie B is a main character. Junie B’s tooth was wiggling. Grandpa made her tooth come out. And Junie B was happy. I recommend this book to everyone!!!


  11. CARROT is a cute red-haired boy .
    He has the name ‘carrot’ because he has red hair.
    If I had white hair I gess my name was Turnip.
    All the characters in is a bit mean.
    I like the book .


  12. I read the book called (Ready Freddy~ Homework Hassles)
    I liked this book the best because it’s not too seriuse and it has lots of funny characters.
    The story goes: Freddy does sleepover with his friend and broke his arm.
    He coudn’t do his homework because of his broked arm but finally he finishes at the last day of homework.
    I recommend this book to somebody who likes funny stories and not too serius stories.


  13. The go-kart race

    I was very fun of this book that I wish everyone could see this book!!!!
    Biff was very happy to race the go-kart but mum said “NO”
    So Biff was sad!!


  14. SOMETHING STINKS!-Gail Hedrick

    Can you imagine your favorite place is full of dead fishes? And that place is full of horrible smell! This book’s main character, Emily decided to find out why. Aren’t you curious which one made Higdon River full of horrible smell?


  15. I read a Hansel and Gretel
    Hansel and Gretel has no food left.
    He and she meet a red riding hood at forest.
    Red Riding Hood says there is a house made of bred in the forest but be careful.
    it’s the witch house she say’s.
    And Hansel and Gretel dropping these acorns meet a mean Witch and nice Witch imprison a Hansel,Gretel is cleaning up the bread house.
    deceive a mean witch.
    Hansel and Gretel meet mom and dad and family eat the magic bread.


  16. The Tale of Despereaux – Kate Dica Millo

    This story is about a hero mice. It start with the birth of mouse. The only survived baby was Despereaux. Then he listened that a princess get kidnapped by unknown ones. This story is about a hero mice. Then he went to save the princess that is kidnapped.

    This story shows the adventure and risk – taking is very important, beaause he could just forget about a princess but he try hard to save him


  17. Best friends wear pink tutus-Meredith Jonson

    I was excited when I read this book because two little girls was having a ballet show in the water.And the two little girls was wearing a pink swimming suits.And the tutus was stick in the pink swimming suits.


  18. Charmseeker by Amy tree

    This is about an adventure of 4 girls.
    They tried to find the lost charms and finally found them.
    And they had a party with charm queen,her sister and villagers.


  19. Baby Dolphin’s Tale
    The fisherman found a baby dolphin. She was caught in a crab trap line. The line was around her tail. The fisher man helped the baby dolphin. He took her to a special aquarium. The people at the aquarium wanted to help. They wanted to save the baby dolphin. They named the baby dolphin Winter. The people at the aquarium wanted Winter to swim again. they worked hard with winter. Finally, Winter swims with the other dolphins at the aquarium.


  20. The best Book that I have read this summer would have to be “The Selection”. “The Selection” is actually a part of a series of books called “The Selection Series”. It is a science fiction about what the world would be like if the world broke into a massive war that lasted for years. In the end, America was victorious. Now there are many kingdoms that are the only civilisation left in the world. They include New Asia, Ilea, etc.. In the story, America Singer, yes, that is her name, gets into the kingdom’s selection by accident. A Selection is where the prince of the kingdom chooses 35 girls to come to the palace and compete to be his princess, he eliminates them one by one. The Selection series is not done being written yet, there is more to come.

    You guys should really try this book out.


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