Think about a book you have read and …

Choose one of the following: Story Box: Create a story box for one of the books you read over the summer. Look at this fabulous example: The Imagination Tree: Little Red Riding Hood Box. You can add photographs of your story box to this page.

Letter to the Author: Write a letter to the author of a book that you read over the summer. What did you like about it? What else would you like to know about the characters? What happened after the story finished? How would you find out how to contact the author? Would you post or email your letter?

Character Diary Entry: Write a diary entry from the perspective of a character from a book you have read this summer. What are their secrets? Dreams? Hopes?

여러분이 읽었던 책에 대해서 생각해 봅시다. 그리고 아래 항목 중 하나를 선택하세요. 이야기 상자: 여름방학동안 읽은 책들 중 한권에 대한 이야기 상자를 만들어 봅시다. 여기있는 좋은 예시를 살펴보세요.  The imagination Tree: Little Red Riding Hood Box 작가에게 편지쓰기: 여름방학때 읽은 책의 작가에게 편지를 써봅시다. 책에서 무엇이 좋았나요? 등장인물에 대해서 더 알고 싶은 것이 있나요? 이야기가 끝난 후 어땠나요? 작가에게 연락할 방법을 어떻게 찾아낼 건가요? 여러분의 편지를 우편이나 이메일로 보낼건가요? 캐릭터 다이어리 작성: 여름에 읽었던 책 속 캐릭터의 관점에서 일기를 써봅시다. 그들의 비밀, 꿈, 소망은 무엇인가요?

请回忆你读过的一本书并。。。 在下面的话题中随意选择一个: 故事箱子 :为你在暑假读过的一本书做一个故事箱子。请看例子:The Imagination Tree: Little Red Riding Hood Box 一封给作家的信 :向你暑假读过的这本书的作者写一封信。你为什么喜欢这本书?关于主人公你还想知道什么?故事结束后发生了什么?你如何找到联系到作者?你会选择写信还是写电邮? 写主人公日记  :为你书中的主人公写日记。 她/他们的秘密是什么? 梦想?希望?


8 thoughts on “Think about a book you have read and …

  1. Here is my story box!
    I know the three little pigs isn’t the level for me but I am going to soon meet my friend’s little sister and I thought that this book would be the right level for her because she is in kindergarten.
    Story Box by:


  2. Dear Darcey Bussell,
    My name is Katie. I am a pupil of class G2HR, BHA.
    I love your book, Rosa and the Magic Dream. It was AWESOME!
    I like Rosa because she is brave, clever and a thinker!

    When I grow up, I want to be a teacher!

    Thank you for reading this letter. Bye!

    Your Sincerely
    2015 Aug 7


  3. To:Michala Morgan
    I read your book ( Sausage and spooks).
    I think you can write funny scary stories! I love scary books and sausage. Yummy!! You are a great writer I think. Good bye. See you again.
    From: Janice Lee


  4. If I’m a Little Red Riding Hood my secret will be that a woodcutter is my dad and he saved me. My dream would be to change my name into Red Riding Hood. Lastly my hope would be to make my grandmother feel good.


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