A Garden of Poetry

Grade Two have been exploring poetry. In class, they have identified and experimented with the visual language of poetry. Inspired by the Lawrence Public Library’s PoeTree Installation the classroom teachers and library embarked on a collaborative project to create a poetry garden.

Lucy Calkin and Stephanie Parson’s book, “Poetry: Powerful Thoughts in Tiny Packages” was used to guide the development of learning experiences.  We shared photographs of the PoeTree Installation with the students and identified how we could relate it back to our context (e.g. choosing a subject from our environment, identifying how the installation would look in our space). Initially they examined a variety of natural and man made objects from the perspectives of a scientist and of a poet. They identified and discussed the way descriptive language could change when you look at the same object from different perspectives.

Individually the students choose an object from the environment around the library to examine with poets’ eyes. The photographs below were taken by the students of the object they selected to write about.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

While making careful observations with poets’ eyes, the students documented their ideas to use for their final poem.  Together with the classroom teacher they created, edited and reviewed their poems before sharing them in the library.


The “Poetry Garden” installation is almost complete. It is already getting a lot of attention from teachers, students and parents. Hopefully it will provoke our community to read, write and share poetry.






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